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My friends and I are working on a funny song on how fast-food is bad for you. I made all the lyrics and  am going to make some of the music for it using Forte Light. I might add it here once it's done. Or I might not because McDonalds would probably sue me. :D 

Here is my latest soundtrack, "Descending the Deep".                                                                       It is being used by TerraCrafter (Pixel8ed72) in a game he is making.

 My other soundtracks are here:

If you want a midi soundtrack, then send me a message at Yoyogames or SoundCloud and I might be able to make it for you.



I make computer games with Gamemaker 8.0 Lite, too, and have almost 2 years of experience now.

Here are my games:

Baconville was my 1st game I ever made, so it isn't the best. Unfortunately, I don't have any other major games that are finished. I am kinda winding down with game-making and switching to music.


   Note: This webpage is not complete yet. Just in case you were wondering. :D